iPhone 12 Announced by Apple on October 13th

The Apple Company made an anticipated announcement on October 13th, revealing the iPhone 12 Series. Three models were introduced this Tuesday & showcased the first design alterations since 2017. Multiple colour options are supported with the updated models and included 5G Wireless Connectivity.

This will allow Apple enthusiasts to enter the modern age of communication. These handsets weren’t the exclusive announcements made by Apple on October 13th. Apple introduced the HomePod Mini & MagSafe Wireless Charging System, which are meant to support all three models with the iPhone 12 Series. It should be noted that $50.00 wireless headphones named Beats Flex are another accessory supported for the iPhone 12 Series.

The Apple Company has struggled with its wireless charging technologies, often failing to provide reliable charges to users. It prompted Apple Designers to introduce “MagSafe for iPhone”, which supports an enhanced charging coin design & magnet connector. This enables third-party accessories to work coherently with MagSafe.

Physical Concerns for the iPhone 12 Series

Technology analysts have criticized Apple for not introducing 5G Connectivity years ago. It’s been available on Android since 2018, and their delayed response is likely to generate technical issues for unsuspecting iPhone Users. Features like iMessage & FaceTime could experience latency errors when between the 5G to LTE Wireless Connectivity Services. Analysts have also expressed concerns regarding repairability with the iPhone 12 Series.

Apple has infamously made it challenging for their smartphones to be repaired by third-party companies. It appears that with the iPhone 12 Series, that concept is being fully adopted. Analysts suspect that third-party repair companies won’t find useful options to resolve technical issues. This means consumers must have their iPhone 12s repaired at an Apple Store, which for some is hours or countries away.

Special Features

Consumers have three options with the iPhone 12 Series. Premium models are named the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The two latter options are providing consumers with depth mapping for low light autofocus capabilities & AR Support. New camera sensors have been introduced to better image stabilization and improve sharpening when processing each photo. Synthesized computational photography is implemented into the parameters of Apple’s processing application, and work’s better than any other iPhone before. For photographers, this is the best smartphone available to date.