iPhone XR vs Samsung S10e

So, we finally have some new competition for the iPhone series that was released towards the end of 2018 as Samsung releases their new flagship series, the S10.

The company released three new devices, including the S10e, S10 and the S10 Plus, offering excellent features to meet everyone’s desires and budget. The S10e is the smallest of the lot and provides the least features, but in no way does it fall far behind the rest.

Apple’s range includes the iPhone XR the XS and the XS Max, which primarily provides the same benefits as we’ve seen above. Including the XR as the cheapest. The XS as the middle of the range and the XS Max as the big phone with all the features.

So, let’s start with the “budget” devices, including the S10e and the XR and see how they compare with everything from price to features.


To ensure each aspect of this comparison is fair and accurate, we’ll take the cheapest option of each device, which ranges around US$750 for either model, give or take a few dollars.

Immediately, we see quite a drastic difference as the iPhone offers 64gb storage without the option to include an SD card while for the same price you get the S10e with 128gb and the opportunity to expand it with an SD card of up to 512gb.


When it comes to the design, we see that both devices are similar to the and aluminium frame and glass back. However, Samsung once again shines in the department with an IP68 rating for water and dust. The iPhone comes in with an IP67. Not a significant difference, but still a difference for those who keep their phones near the pool.

As for dimensions, we see that the iPhone is just a little bit bigger in both length with a 150.9mm vs the S10e at 142.2, a width of 75.7 vs the S10e with 69.9 and finally, the thickness comes in at 8.3mm vs the S10e with 7.9mm.


Much of the size difference between these devices comes down to the screen size as the Samsung features a 5.8-inch vibrant AMOLED display and the Apple offers a 6.1-inch liquid retina display.

Once again, Samsung has the upper hand with its HDR10+ benefit as it provides 2280 x 1080p and Apple seems to miss with 1792 x 828p. When it comes to the pixels per inch, the Samsung once again outshines the Apple with 438 vs the XR with 326.

Both of the phones offer an edge to edge displays with very narrow bezels, but the Samsung does it better as they don’t have the nudge at the top, but rather just a tiny dark dot where the camera shines through.

Processors and Ram

iPhone has always kept to lower amounts of ram and managed to keep up and even beat the competition when it comes to speed. In the XR, you get the same A12 Bionic chip that drives the other X model devices in addition to 3gb of ram. The Samsung comes with the same Snapdragon 855 that operates the other S10 models and has 6gb of ram with the option to go up to 8gb.