iPhone XS vs Samsung S10 Part 2

Last week we looked at the differences between the iPhone Xr and the Samsung Galaxy S10e. There’s no doubt that Samsung came out as the better phone for the same price, not only do you get more storage, but you also score a better display, better cameras and more. Sure, the screen is a little smaller, but since it doesn’t have that nudge at the top, you might find it’s got a lot more to offer.

This week we compare the S10 and the iPhone Xs. As some of you might know, both these flagship devices come in the plus models as well, which we’ll have a look at next week.


The price is the most important thing to start with as it gives us an indication as to how close these phones are and why they are perfect for the comparison. The iPhone Xs comes in at US$999 for the 64gb model while Samsung is available at just US$899.

Not much different right? Well, when you begin to look at what you get, you’ll see there’s a big difference. Firstly, the iPhone at that price provides only 64gb while Samsung offers 128gb at $100 less.

Processors, Ram and Battery

Testing the processing speeds of these phones doesn’t reveal a huge difference as Apple is a little fastest in some areas and the Samsung beats it in others. They both run amazingly fast processors, starting with the iPhone with an A12 Bionic chip and the S10 presenting the Snapdragon 855.

When it comes to ram, we see quite a significant difference with these phones as the iPhone offers just 4gb, which seems enough, but Samsung answers it with an impressive 8gb of ram, providing much higher processing power. However, during testing, we found that some of the processes that depend on the ram. CPU happens to be much faster on Apple.

The batteries are different, starting with the Apple that provides a 2658mAh battery, which is compared to Samsung’s 3400mAh. While Samsung’s is much bigger, it’s important to note that the display size on Apple is 0.3 smaller, but even with that, Samsung wins it!


As mentioned, Apple’s screen is a little smaller at 5.8 inches, and the S10 provides a 6.1-inch screen. The aspect ratios are very similar with the Xs at 19.5:1 and the S10 at 19:1, but a big difference is seen with the resolutions and just about all the other features of the screen.

Firstly, the S10 offers 1440 x 3040p while Apple comes in at a lower 1125 x 2436p. The PPI (pixels per inch) also plays a significant role here, and the Samsung once again takes it with 551 whereas the Xs offers 463.

There’s a lot more to these phones, but even with just the two most prominent sections mentioned above, we see the S10 stands out a lot more at a much lower price. However, we’ll have to see how Apple answers within a few months.