Ireland Drones Delivering Medication

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted billions worldwide to remain indoors for their safety, with some nations refusing to accept these policies and others easily adapting. One nation that adapted to social distancing without civilian fallout was Ireland. The Irish proved themselves a resilient and strong community by creating unique concepts to assist the elderly. Assistance extends towards the young and middle-aged, with companies like Manna Aero delivery food packages to Irish civilians.

This package delivery service didn’t last for long, with Ireland’s politicians requesting the company instead provide medical supplies to elderly. Manna Aero has partnered with the Irish Health Services, with them delivering medical supplies and medication to vulnerable individuals in smaller towns. Civilians have praised this concept in Ireland, prompting the consideration of this product in Great Britain.

Implementing the services from Manna Aero wouldn’t be Great Britain’s first endeavour with Drones. Medical supplies were carried to the “Isle of Wight” earlier in March by Great Britain Officials. This followed after politicians had seen Florida Homecare Residents receive their prescriptions via Drone, which was flying through a fixed flightpath. Identical technologies were implemented in Ireland and tested before entering real-world scenarios. Fixed flightpaths used back-end systems that create closed loops on GPS Settings, ensuring that the Drone doesn’t ever lose its way.

Prescriptions are being filled through video consultation by Doctors with the Irish Health Services. Manna Aero then received detailed information on that customers address and medical additions, with the occasional request for essential supplies like Milk and Bread. Civilians located in these homecare centres have mentioned that this service is brilliant, providing elderly with the essentials needed to live. It’s also the perfect way to social distance and avoid contact with these individuals, as homecare centres in Western Countries have seen extensive rates of infection.

Benefits of Technology

Technology has been humanities best friend throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Billions worldwide wouldn’t have entertained themselves with television sets, video game consoles, streaming services, and virtual reality. Global civilians wouldn’t have had access to essential infrastructures like electricity, hydro, and telecommunications. The lives lost throughout this pandemic without modern technologies would’ve been drastically higher.