Last Update for Original Google Pixel

It’s been three years since Google relaunched their mobile phone lineup with the Pixel Series. After more than 20+ updates for the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the final one is coming to owners of the device in December. Though this 2016 phone isn’t receiving the November update, it’s acquiring one last upgrade at the end of the year, which will bring new features and final fixes. After this, the phone will no longer be supported by Google’s Mobile Division.

For many, this marks the end of an era when Android was revamped to compete with Apple’s IOS. New developments in mobile technology were brought to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL before any others, including wireless charging and focus-blur cameras. Most forget how influential this phone was for the devices we hold in our palms today. The first generation for Pixel’s to this day still operate and look like a modern phone, proving Google’s dedication to revamping their mobile lineup. Before the Pixel, Google was known for the Nexus Lineup, which was clunky and outdated.

The lack of updates for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL forces owners to upgrade their device after three years. Refusal to device upgrades prompt security issues over time, meaning personal data and financial credentials could be comprised. Fans of the Pixel lineup have multiple options to select from, which we’ve reviewed down below.

The New Pixels

Since the first generation of the Pixel Lineup, there have been three subsequent generations. The most recent is the Google Pixel 4, which released on October 24th. This phone has been praised for its incredible camera, which is best of its class and supports DSLR-Level photography. Its Haptic Engine is the best on the market, and gesture controls on Android have never been better. The fourth-generation pixel also supports an improved design and build quality, giving more for the money being spent.

Unfortunately, every phone has its downfalls. Google Pixel 4 is becoming known for its horrible battery life, which is estimated to last only half a day when the phone is running at its full capacity. Google has also received flak for its lack of a wide-angle camera lens, which has become the norm for Android and IOS cellphones. The final downfall is that the standard Google Pixel 4 still has bezels, with the XL Premium Model supporting a bezzeless design. Regardless of these three downfalls, consumers of the Pixel 4 always receive the latest Snapdragon 855+ Processor and 6GB of RAM, with a maximum of 128GB of Storage. Users can expect special software features from Android 10 Stock, such as a dark setting and direct spam blocking. This combination with stock android will surely give the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners a new device that can be maintained for another three years.