Law Enforcement Banned from Amazon Facial Recognition

The level of hatred growing towards law enforcement in the United States of America has become extensive. It’s reached stages where corporations are removing historical films from their streaming services, banning television shows like “Cops” from all networks, and now Amazon is attacking law enforcement. It was announced this week that Amazon had terminated access to their facial recognition platform for all law enforcement. This period will sustain itself for twelve months.

This decision comes after the IBM Company announced it wouldn’t be researching & developing facial recognition technology, noting that human privacy rights are significantly abused. IBM also cited concerns regarding how facial recognition technologies identify users by ethnicity, race, gender, and age. These are all sensitive topics throughout North America in the modern era. Corporations are not confining to the updated level of understanding face financial destruction. This would be the primary reasoning for IBMs decision to terminate FRTs.

Racial bias has continuously been discussed when reviewing facial recognition software. This isn’t natural for camera modules, with it being explicitly implemented into FRTs. The MIT Media Laboratory maintained extensive research. They cited in 2018 that large corporations like Microsoft and IBM were identifying darker-toned civilians. It’d sometimes result is handset owners being locked from their devices. Noticeably, these same issues haven’t ever occurred for Caucasian males.

Possible Criticism for Amazon

Similar measures are enforced with facial recognition technologies from Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, and Google have been found of using identical coding. Detailed data from public online sources that the Caucasian Males weren’t ever locked from their devices. This is purely based on race, with law enforcement able to access this data from companies like Amazon. It’s the reason why the one-year banning has taken effect. Amazon will monitor the level of African American men & woman imprisoned over those twelve months, determining if their software played any factor.

Any involvement of Amazon’s FRTs to prosecute an African American will prompt the banning to become permanent. It should be mentioned that this confirmation of the ban was provided by law enforcement, with Amazon denying their facial recognition software identifies African Americans in a negative light. The backlash to Amazon if found to be truthful, will be immense.