LG Releasing Vehicle Operating System

The LG Corporation confirmed that they’d partnered with Microsoft in September in what will see the two companies work collectively to develop a WebOS for global vehicles. January 2020 marked new developments in that partnership, with two new companies being brought out. The two new partners include Luxoft and Cerence, with the latter being a subsidiary from the Nuance Corporation. Nuance, with the assistance of Cerence, created a complex voice recognition AI. This artificial intelligence would become the iOS 11 Siri. The LG Corporation confirmed that Luxoft and Cerence would work towards creating an enhanced voice assistant.

This Cerence-structured voice assistance will allow consumers to control their vehicles with various demands. This could include a multitude of services like Navigation, Surrounding Security, Autopilot, Multimedia and In-Vehicle Features. There hasn’t been any confirmation when this technology will be publicly released, with it only being noted that pre-packed solutions will come by 2021. The LG Corporation confirmed with this updated announcement that Luxoft would also design a digital cockpit for the WebOS. The cockpit is slated to supporter LG’s upcoming ride-sharing program. It should be noted that the LG Corporation has worked with multiple companies in the development of WebOS. This includes Volkswagen, Qualcomm, iHeartRadio, Sony Pictures and Map Box.

LG Releasing New Wireless Headphones

The LG Corporation provides multiple products to consumers, ranging from televisions to laundry machines. This extends to mobile phones and now, wireless headphones. This information comes after LG confirmed that they’d be releasing their first pair of truly wireless headphones, which will be named the Tone+ Free Sport. This announcement follows suit with similar products issued by the Sony Corporation, Samsung Company and Apple Incorporated. LG provided details regarding what consumers can expect with this headset.

The first thing mentioned for the specifications is that consumers could receive an hour’s length of playtime under a five-minute charge. Fully charging the Tone+ Free Sport will enable six hours of continuous play. Confirmed by released photographs, the charging case supporting these wireless earbuds will maintain a USB-C Port. One of the unique aspects of these headphones, which will surely get numerous consumers to switch over, is the ultraviolet light model. When headphones are charging inside the closed case, an ultraviolet light turns on and begins disinfecting the earbuds. This guarantees that the Tone+ Free Sports will always be clean for athletes. Those wanting to purchase this device in the United States will have to pay $220.00 /with tax.