Maybe That’s Why Google Ads Work

Last Thursday, Google ran an ad for its search advertising service AdWords in the print edition of The Globe and Mail, Canada’s leading newspaper.

The ad, shown below, also ran in the The National Post, a competing Canadian daily.

“You know who needs a haircut? People searching for a haircut,” the ad reads. “Maybe that’s why ads on Google work.”

The ad was tweeted by media reporter Steve Ladurantaye with the caption, “An ad for Google ads in today’s Globe demonstrates the value of print ads, yes?”

Our Opinion
Of course, it’s ironic that Google’s using a newspaper ad to show that traditional advertising doesn’t work, and it’s made even funnier by the fact that they took out a full page ad to make their point.

Perhaps Google saying that traditional advertising is necessary to steer people towards online advertising? Or maybe they’re trying to convert the last of the non-online population.

It’s a clever ad and definitely one that makes a witty point. We’ll have to wait and see if if Google reveals any facts and figures on how this affects AdWords activity to judge if it really worked or not, but for now this is one to remember.