NCA Penetrates EncroChat, Leads to Multiple Arrests

The National Crime Agency announced that they’d penetrated a secret communications system used worldwide. This system assisted criminals to purchase & sell a variety of actionable items, including abusive substances. NCA Agents clarified that this was a joint effort in correlation with the United Kingdom & European Union.

NCA Agents praised that penetrating EncroChat was the largest law enforcement operation worldwide. It saw thousands of Agents & Officers hand-over their intel to obtain access into this application. Penetrating EncroChat has enabled the NCA, Interpol, and MI6 to arrest 800 civilians from European nations.

The arrests continued in the United Kingdom after this three-month investigation operation. UK Law Enforcement has seen the most significant impact of arrests from penetrating EncroChat. 746 United Kingdom Civilians associated with criminal organizations were arrested. Two of these individuals were UK Law Enforcement, which caught NCA Agents off guard. It’s suspected that MI6 is currently integrating those officers.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner of London spoke on the EncroChat penetration. Dame Cressida Dick clarified that 170+ arrests were made throughout the Metropolitan Region, allowing for £13.3 Million in illegal assets to be obtained. Commissioner Dick anticipated that Metropolitan, UK, European, and American Law Enforcement would be disrupting criminal organization for years from this penetration.

NCA Agents iterated that 60+ thousand criminals worldwide engaged with EncroChat. It’s known that Britain had the largest percentage of years, with ten thousand users at 6.64%. There are roughly nine thousand additional arrests that must be made throughout the United Kingdom, which will take years of investigating from local law enforcement.

EncroChat Security

Accessing EncroChat wasn’t easily accomplished. Users were required to maintain an Android Handset that had been “Broken Into”, which means downloading another software onto the device that mimics Android without concerns of being tracked. Subsequently, users weren’t ever worried about communications being located by law enforcement.

Those occasions where data must be deleted, features like Self Destruction, would terminate all messages after sixty minutes. There was also the “Panic Wipe Feature”. It’d permit users to disable all aspects of their handset immediately, which would merely require a Four-Digit Passcode. The fact that the National Crime Agency overcame these hurdles & disbanded more than 1000 criminals is impressive.