Nestle Crunch Doesn’t Link Its Product To Its Commercial

dvertising is an act of getting the public’s attention towards a product or business through paid announcement in broadcast, print or electronic media. There are a lot of annoying ad campaigns out there that we all like to complain about. Most marketing agencies don’t even seem to have that level of sense when they make their ads, leaving us scratching our heads wondering how their commercials even relate to the products.

Nestlé Pakistan is currently the leading food & beverages company in Pakistan. The company focuses on nutrition, health and wellness, and reaching the most remote locations throughout Pakistan to serve consumers. The company’s priority is to bring the best and most relevant products to people, wherever they are fulling the needs of all age groups.

No doubt Nestle has been the best in promoting its products in the most effective ways, but that does not happen all the time. With Nestle’s new ‘Crunch’ snack, we see a failure of promotion. Although Crunch has a delicious taste of its own, it failed to advertise it in the best possible manner. Associating it with a love story from the Middle East and throwing in an Indian song makes no sense at all, to me at least.

Food doesn’t work like any other product; the promotion of food items stimulates actual hormones  and one starts craving the product instantly. Advertising it in a complete absurd way can make consumers think twice about trying the product.

While Nestle was trying to add that funky musical charm to its commercial promoting an evening snack, I’d venture to say it wasn’t a great idea since the product audience is the young children who should have been attracted by conveying something informative rather than a love story or an Indian song.

About the author: Laila Rehman is an associate with SIlkSKIN in the corporate sales team. She can be reached on for business meetings.