Netflix Increases US Pricing

Millions of consumers across the United States of America are seeing prices of Netflix subscriptions increase before November 29th. The announcement was made privately by Netflix Incorporated, which updated its pricing for new customers. It means any new subscriptions for the international streaming service will cost $14.00 to $18.00 depending on which plan is selected.

Consumers maintaining the standard subscription for Netflix are paying an additional dollar. However, premier subscribers see an increase of two dollars. This is minimal when considering what Netflix offers over cable television, which often costs $40.00 to $50.00 for basic packages. Older subscribers won’t be introduced to the updated pricing until their current month is over. It should be noted that Netflix isn’t prompting any notification with their streaming platform to inform customers of the price increase. This means unknown consumers will unknowingly see the increased cost on their bank statements at the latest of November 29th.

Inside sources close with Netflix Incorporated have suggested that an increase in cost would be sustained. It’s been nearly two years since Netflix’s last inflation on pricing for Americans. However, their northern brothers of Canada saw an incremental rise for subscriptions in January 2020. Netflix Inc has determined that consumers are initially opting to leave their platform returned in one or two months. Subsequently, another inflation of cost for Americans has been introduced.

Netflix Incorporated noted that they’re not increasing subscription prices worldwide, that North America is receiving particular notice because of an influx of premium content to sustain customers. There’s an opportune moment for Netflix to introduce new subscription costs internationally, with consumers worldwide being forced into limited options for entertainment. Similar has been seen throughout America & Canada, with Netflix believing their services are more valued than competing streaming platforms. Multiple platforms have been introduced throughout 2019 & 2020. Those include YouTube Premium, NBC Peacock, Disney Plus, and HBO Max.

Bang for your Buck

Those complaining that the increase is too much aren’t considering the value of their money. Netflix regularly introduces new films & series to their lineup, increasing a growing library filled with 1500+ original titles. No other streaming service has come close to obtaining a similar library of valued content. $18.00 maximum for 1500+ original titles, plus hundreds of 3rd party content, makes Netflix the most valued streaming service.