New Gambling Casino App Enables Users to Play for Real Money Anywhere

One of the casinos in the state of Washington will be first in the United States to introduce a new gambling app that enables users to play via smartphones. It requires players to purchase games, and their winnings need to be redeemed on site.

The casino works with Playport Gaming Systems and the new app provide players with an option to purchase the games; these can be wagered on and win real money. The app is focussed on several games including bingo and players will not compete against the house.

Not First to Offer Online Casino App

It is not the first casino to introduce an online app for gambling, although it stands out as the start and end to the online journey. Players purchasing the games and want to collect their winnings will need to occur within the casino boundaries. The services of Playport is offered at Mexican retailers, and with the alliance with the casino, the products will also be available at tribal casinos in the USA. The custom-designed games for casinos will integrate into loyalty and POS systems.

Several Lawsuits to Casino-Style Gaming Options Even When No Real Money Wagering Possible

The new app announcement comes after many gaming companies currently deal with lawsuits in the state courts of Washington, which relates to casino-style games. None of the companies offers real-money wagers, while the lawsuits still argue that the state gambling laws of Washington have been violated. The laws in Washington state is some of the strictest in the world.

Federal Instead of State Law Oversees Bingo

It is the main reason why the apps from Playport mostly focuses on games like bingo; these are classified by the federal regulations as Class II games. The games are subject to tribal and federal oversight rather than the laws of the state, according to Conrad Granito. The casino partnering with Playport is situated around 30 miles of Seattle on the southeast site and have been searching for technologically advanced options for a while. The addition of the country-first wireless virtual reality gaming lounge as well as ground-breaking video slots remains a first in casinos.

Free-To-Play Casino Game Companies are Illegal

Four of the biggest free to play companies found themselves in trouble with the law over the past few weeks. The lawsuits follow last months federal court ruling that casino games, even free to play are in violation with the laws or Washington state. The companies include DoubleDown, Playtika, High 5 Games and Huuuge Games. These companies offer games that are found in casinos, such as roulette, blackjack and slots, playable via virtual chips. These chips have no monetary value, but players can buy chips to continue play. The games according to JP Morgan have generated worldwide revenue of $3.8 billion by 2016 and enjoyed a 10% annual growth since then. Even when no real-money wagering takes place, the law states wagering anything of value, and in this case, the chips have an amount as the player can purchase more.