New Paradigm Of Public-Private-Purpose Partnerships Take Centerstage At World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013

The World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013 kicked off yesterday with global marketing experts sharing the view that marketing in the 21st century requires a new partnership between government, enterprise and civil society, focused on creating and sharing prosperity.

Dr Fahim Kibria, secretary general and chief marketing officer of World Marketing Summit Group, began by delivering a personal, recorded message from Professor Dr Philip Kotler to delegates of the WMSM 2013. Dr Kotler, who announced on the morning of the conference that he would not be attending, said “The World Marketing Summit has as its purpose the development of solutions to the problems of poverty, hunger, pollution, violence and social disorder.”

Founder of the World CSR Day, Dr. R.L. Bhatia set the tone for an innovative summit by with an interactive presentation questioning the order of the 3Ps in marketing – product, profit, purpose. “People forget in forty minutes, so do we decide to donate and forget or create, share and grow sustainably? The human mind is capable of contributing value, making a difference and if we tell ourselves to make a positive difference 3 times a day, it becomes a habit. I strongly believe that combining vision with action can change the world.”

H.E. Christian Rehren, ambassador, Embassy of Chile, highlighted the catalytic power of women as consumers and agents of change in the family. “We need empowered citizens, not just vocal, concerned consumers. Social equality and a stable nation is the result of just and equitable distribution of wealth. Our wealth has gone towards addressing the 8 United Nations Millennium Development Goals, particularly MDG 6 to combating HIV, Malaria and other diseases in Chile. We should always strive to imagine, and ask “Why not?. From Chile’s perspective, marketing a country or destination is equally about building a just and equitable society, as much as building thriving business and good infrastructure.”

The Honorable Minister of Higher Education Namibia, Dr David Namwandi, provided a Tour de Force ending to the opening session stating, “It’s our duty to wipe away the tears of our brothers and sisters going through poverty. Poverty is due to a lack of love and it is our duty and responsibility as marketers, to be agents of positive change and social equalizer. Do good to the world and the world will do good for you.”

The opening day of the Summit saw over 600 delegates from over 70 countries participating in sessions dedicated to addressing MDG 1 “Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger” and MDG 2 “Achieving Universal Primary Education”, with speakers including Rajesh Chakrabarti, chief innovation officer of Reliance ADA Group, India, Sara Ismail Mohamed, CEO, Al Bashayer Investment Company, UAE, John D. Chacko, CEO of LeapED Services, Malaysia and William Kwende, Chairman Agritech Group, Bukina Faso.

Dr. Marceline Lemarie, organising chairperson of the World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013 said, “The power of marketing as a tool to effect positive change has never been more apparent. Profit and purpose must co-exist, this is the new business normal. We have less than 2 years to achieve the 8 UN MDGs and in the process, create a bigger, more prosperous market based on empowerment and shared prosperity. I look forward to the new paradigm of Public-Private-Purpose partnership and action plans to implement this immediately.”