Nintendo Sales Soar as Production Resumes

Sales growth for the Nintendo Company has grown by substantial valuations during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Most businesses have struggled to garner standard profits during this unforeseen historical period, with Nintendo earning the highest margins in their history. This follows after the company announced their 3rd Quarter Results, showing benefits that exceeded past the 2nd Quarter Records. Nintendo announced that since June 2020, they’d seen a growth of 428% in comparison to 2019’s 3rd Quarter. Financial analysts predicted that Nintendo would earn 62 Billion Yen, with expectations being blown away when the Japanese-company announce a profit growth of 145 Billion yen. This is $1.37 Billion in USD.

The Nintendo Company confirmed that sales throughout 2020 have already doubled in comparison to 2019’s full profit margins. Data released by Nintendo personnel indicated that the Switch & Switch Lite consoles are continuing to drive substantial sales, with a confirmed 5.7 Million Units sold throughout April to June 2020. It’s a 167% increase on the selling of the Nintendo Switch over last year.

Animal Crossing Drives Sales

Personnel from Nintendo claimed that “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” drastically influenced the substantial sales, with the island utopia-based based allowing consumers to experience a summer-like landscape within their homes during the Pandemic. Nintendo estimates that 10.6 Million companies of ACNH were sold throughout the third quarter, with a total lifetime sales to date being 22.4 Million. It’s their 2nd highest-selling game, with Mario Kart Eight Deluxe being the 1st. This means Animal Crossings has outsold Mario Odyssey & Pokemon Sword/Shield. It’s unconfirmed but expected that Nintendo has begun developing a sequel to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which inside sources suggest could release by 2023.

The Pandemic Switch Issues

The Nintendo Company has struggled to meet stock expectations during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Nintendo was forced to shut down their manufacturing facilities after China became the 1st nation to become infected with COVID-19. Supply issues meant that those able to obtain one of the 5.7 Million Units sold between April to June had likely waited a prolonged period. Those delays in manufacturing are expected to continue until the Pandemic is declared over worldwide.