Nissan GT-R50 Begins Production

Drifters and Racing fanatics everywhere have eagerly awaited the opportunity to drive the Nissan GT-250. It was initially slated to be released in 2019, with delays following after Co-Designers with Nissan struggled to complete their blueprints earlier that year. Another series of setbacks followed with the novel coronavirus, forcing some Nissan fans to wonder if this vehicle would ever see production. After considerable speculation, PR Representatives with Nissan confirmed that this concept vehicle had entered its initial product phases.

Nissan partnered with the Italian Design Firm, with the two manufacturers working together to create a modernized and lightweight vehicle that could compete against Ferrari’s or McLaren’s. The 1st real reveal for the Nissan GT-350 was made on May 20th, showing off multiple colour schemes and possibly customization options. It was emphasized that minimum orders would be accepted & severe delays could follow amid the virus. There’s also the chance that Italy could have a 2nd wave more deadly than the 1st. Regardless of what happens, this remarkable design will become infamous amongst Nissan GT Fanatics.

Design Attributes

This Nissan is unlike most released by the auto manufacturer. It’s hand-built by engineers and meant to resemble the GT-R Nismo, one of the most influential and famous vehicles from Nissan’s history. There’s one noticeable difference between the two models, with the side mirrors being altered to account for modern requirements. It should be noted that a limited number of these vehicles are handcrafted; afterwards, Nissan will drop this model. Those lucky enough to obtain this vehicle will receive a badge number on their back bumper, with it being numbered from one out of fifty.

Considering the rarity behind this vehicle, the associated cost will be $1.1 Million for purchasing the Nissan GT-350. What consumers receive isn’t just a unique vehicle that hold’s collector value, a Twin-Turbo 3.8-Litre V6 is still provided. This gives drivers 710 Horsepower, which is celebrated with individual interior elements. Though the $1 Million might destroy your savings, this vehicle is an investment that ultimately will pay off over the years. In ten to twenty years, the Nissan GT-350 could exceed a valuation of $3.5 million for collectors.