Nuns Use School Money to Go to Vegas

There are many ways to enjoy the latest offering, some dream of the latest gadgets while others want to make a life-long dream come true. Many individuals have gone to great lengths to experience Vegas and lost more than they bargained for. But many did use everything within their power to visit sin city and walked away as winners.

When it is ordinary citizens, it is not a big deal, and everyone writes it off to luck or being irresponsible. When it is nuns that not only use everything within their power but also steal cash to visit Vegas it becomes headline news.

Nuns Finally Admit to Stealing from School to Visit Vegas

The nuns admitted that they stole an amount of $500,000 to go on a gambling trip to Vegas, the money was taken from school. The funds were embezzled by Sister Lana Chang and Sister Mary Kreuper from the St James Catholic School situated in California. It was not a once off affair, as the funds were taken over several years by using separate bank accounts. The pair of nuns did express remorse for their actions and promised to pay back the considerable sum of cash.

Las Vegas Gambling Trip Cost Two American Nuns $500,000

The money used by the two nuns was taken from the donations, fees and tuition of the St James Catholic School. The listed funds were deposited in a different bank than that used by the school. This action took place over several years.

Sister Lana Chang and Sister Mary Kreuper are best friends, and they both retired, recently. The pair have apologised and promised to pay back the cash in full. The Congregation of Sister of Carondelet feels they have taken money away from the children in the school. These children need the money and what the nuns did is terrible. The theft of the $500,000 was discovered when the school funds were subject to a routine audit. The sum of $500,000 is what the auditors could trace across the past six years, and it excludes all cash transactions.

The nuns had spent mostly when they travelled to Las Vegas to gamble, and the whole matter came to the attention of those who needed to do a financial review when the school changed leadership. None of the others or staff where implicated according to a statement of the pastor.

Sister Chang was a teacher at the school for more than 20 years, and Sister Kreuper remained 29 years as the school principal. The community is shocked, concerned and saddened as this situation have significantly impacted the long relationship between the school and families. The question is, did the nuns won during their trips to Las Vegas? Although none of the current news articles wishes to offer any details on the actions. But then again we should not as, as what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, whether you’re a nun or not.