Our Team

Hiba Ahmad
Hiba is a Film and Media Studies graduate who has worked in the field of marketing for over four years. With prior experience in print publishing projects including Superbrands Pakistan, this is Hiba’s first venture into the world of online publishing. She has been an integral part of Ad Geek Daily since day one and continues to manage it as Editor. Follow her on Twitter @hibsninetynine.



Syed Ali Anwer
Anwer is a Karachi-based freelance journalist and a former editor of an online paper from Washington. He has also worked as a sub editor-cum-reporter at a leading Pakistani English newspaper and has contributed various articles and pieces for both the papers.



Ali Abbas Ahmed
Ali Abbas is a business administration graduate with a focus in marketing. He lives and works in Karachi. Follow him on Twitter @aliabbas_ahmed



Zahra Marvi
Zahra is a student of SZABIST, completing her Bachelors in Media Sciences. She likes to read books, and writing is a habit that she never wishes to break. Zahra sees the past as a guide for survival and hopes for the future to be full of accomplishments. She believes her present is an opportunity to be a better human being.