Pfizer Releasing Covid Vaccine to American Healthcare Works

Individuals employed in the American healthcare sector will likely receive the Covid-19 vaccine by December 2020. This marks the fastest turnaround for vaccination manufacturing in history, with development beginning in March 2020. Nine months to develop a vaccine is astonishing but has prompted concerns for generational side affects. Improperly manufactured vaccines are known to create adverse side effects, with one such instance being the vaccination for polio in 1995, which caused paralysis in numerous children & few adults. It’d take fourteen years for scientists to design & manufacturer a reliable vaccine for polio, which still sustained horrendous side effects.

Large percentages of the population have expressed concern with administering the Covid-19 vaccination after learning this information. Ten months is drastically different than fifteen years. However, concerned citizens wanting to get vaccinated should understand that laboratory conditions & technologies have drastically changed since scientists began testing for the polio vaccine in 1936.

Healthcare worked throughout the United States likely have their rightful concerns regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, with those individuals sustaining extensive knowledge in the medical field. That hasn’t stopped Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company from applying for approval to enable healthcare works free vaccination by December 2020. It’s suspected that the “American Food & Drug Administration” won’t give immediate consent to Pfizer Pharmaceutical. The FDA will likely complete their respective tests to guarantee the 95% vaccination rating that Pfizer has announced is accurate. It should be clarified that both Pfizer & Moderna Pharmaceutical have confirmed their vaccinations for Covid-19 are completed.

FDA testing won’t take months, with the Health & Human Services Secretary of America confirming that advisement of Moderna & Pfizer’s vaccinations will take two weeks. An advisory committee of educated healthcare professionals is meeting in by December 5th to compile their findings. An objective mind will question how both these Pharmaceutical Corporations completed their record-breaking timeframes of ten months. Distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine will be sustained in phases. Those phases include:

  • Phase One – Distribution to Healthcare & Vulnerable Americans.
  • Phase Two – Distribution to Essential Workers, Teachers, and Homeless Civilians.
  • Phase Three – Distribution to Prison Inmates and Psychiatric Patients.
  • Phase Four – Distribution to American Men, Women, and Children.