Pilot Review: Avengers Assemble

I chose the above image because Iron Man is giving the perfect hand gesture to explain the quality of the new show and the message the producers have for the Marvel fan base i.e. ‘lanat tere shakal pe‘.

While I tried to be objective, the episode was doing its best to make me hate it. Obvious plots with one-dimensional villains, bad animation disguised with after effects and art style, voices that don’t fit the characters, a story-line that rushes in some parts and strays too long in others, characters that act out of character.

There are scenes where the characters are cardboard cutouts that move around the screen. That’s something I’d expect out of some Marvel cartoon from the sixties, not something in 2013. Better art style ≠ better animation. Not to mention it mixes the traditional animation with awful CGI, and randomly switches in and out of letterbox for no real reason.

That’s not even counting the poor attempt at drama with Captain America’s ‘death’ and the fact that the lazily-done plot is centered around a mind-swap plan. Plus the ‘humor’ is USM-tier garbage. EMH may have had it’s own flaws, but at least it was trying to be it’s own thing and had some semblance of actual effort going into it. This just seems like a attempt to profit off the success of the recent Marvel films, what with it reducing the team to the cast of movies and sporting similar outfits and attitudes with these characters. This just makes it nothing more than a cheap, soulless cash-grab.

Marvel is plain clueless when it comes to animation. Every series like this has to go through origin stories, build up of the usual villains, etc. So when they keep cancelling series only to relaunch another soon after, we have to sit through basically the same introductory episodes which don’t differ enough to be truly fresh. They are slipping in movies as well, relaunching Spider-man and X-men so close on the heels of the previous trilogies, although X-men seems to be dancing around the trilogy rather than replacing it. Spider-man wasn’t as good as the first two if you asked me.

About the author: Zohaib is former CEO of Nadia Textiles and currently a franchisee for Pearl Continental Catering in Lahore and investor-founder of several B-corporations, notably Uth Oye.