Pokemon Skateboards Coming

One of the most infamous brands in history is Pokemon. It’s spawned dozens of games, thousands of products and billions in total profits. The themed-merchandise for Pokemon has excelled their sales for a prolonged period, prompting them to enter a new retail ecosystem. GameFreak, the developers behind Pokemon, is partnering with Bear Walker Skateboards. This partnership will allow for five limited-edition decks to be created, with them being themed around the 1st generation Pokemon.

These limited-edition skateboards begin with the most expected character of Pikachu, who has been the Pokemon mascot for two decades. Additional characters appearing in this lineup include Charizard, Gengar, Mewtwo and Gyarados. Being called the Bear Walker – Pokemon Centre Collection, parents or supporters wanting to purchase these products will have to wait until February 11th. There hasn’t been any confirmation on these limited-edition products. However, it was noted that there’d be new collections released in 2020-21. Subsequently, those that can’t acquire the limited-edition 1st generation will have multiple other opportunities to purchase these specialized products.

Special Features

One of the most compelling factors about the Bear Walker Skateboards in the lack of grip tape. Most decks maintain a black, brown or camo grip tape to provide better control to riders. When it applies to Bear Walker though, they use a specialized process that engraves the wood to provide enhanced grip. The result is superior control when performing professional-grade tricks. It should also be noted that these products are handcrafted by wood makers and then painted by employed artists. That’s why the Pokemon Centre Collection is a limited edition. Technically, every board will be different than the last. Previous pop culture collections with Bear Walker include the Joker and Breaking Bad.

Bear Walker provided official confirmation of this lineup. They expressed that Pokemon is one of the most highly recognized brands worldwide and maintain a massive fanbase in the skateboard community. That’s what prompted Bear Walker to contact GameFreak to potential contract acquisition. This company mentioned that these aren’t mechanically crafted skateboards in a manufacturing facility, but handcrafted pieces of art that deserve respect from the most prominent supporters. Though these products aren’t officially released until February 11th, Bear Walker Skateboards will be accepting pre-order applications on the Pokemon Centre – Series One Collection by January 31st.