RCS Texting Available on Android Devices

Rich Communication Services, a platform that has primarily been maintained by Apple, has made its way to Google’s Android operating system. Subsequently, individuals operating an Android device such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be able to receive real-time text messages from any of their contacts. This service began in the United States on December 13th, with a significant update being released for the carrier setting and Messaging application. This update will roll out at different periods throughout December, with the final date slated to be the 28th. This is due to jurisdictional laws on a state-by-state basis.

The Google Corporation has been a significant supporter of rich communication services, which is slated to replace standard SMS Texting. This technology, which has been available under Apple’s iPhone series, wasn’t provided to Android due to international proprietary rights. However, those rights became public in September 2019. Carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile immediately began revising their networks to account for RCS Texting. Handset manufacturers like Google and Samsung immediately worked on updating their carrier-compatible settings to account for these network changes. The result will be superior texting for the average consumer, with sending-times being less than 25 milliseconds.

The Benefits of RCS

Rich communication services is a more advanced and simplified version of SMS Protocols. Its coding enables high-resolution photos, videos, and files to be sent without any delays. RCS Texting also allowed phone contacts to receive the Read and Sent notifications for their sent text messages. RCS also provides for increased text messaging sizes, ensuring that consumers don’t receive multiple messaging notifications in two minutes.

This enhanced texting service allows for battery life to be increased over a full day’s usage. SMS Texting requires continuous connection to networks, while RCS Texting doesn’t become operational until contact or your device sends out a message. This means on standby-mode, phones could operate for more than thirty days. These benefits are assisting consumers in their daily lives, especially people in business who require prolonged usage out of their devices. All upcoming handsets released under the Android operating system in 2020 will support rich communication texting. 2020 also marks the first year where 5G bandwidths will be released across the United States. Overall, 2020 will be a substantial year for cellphone carriers and manufacturers.