Samsung Possibly Re-Marketing the S11

The Samsung Corporation is rumoured to be undergoing significant alterations in the brands marketing campaigns and products. This comes on the heels of its mobile divisions 10th anniversary. The rebranding applies to their flagship handsets in North America and Europe, which will drop the number-by-number basis going forward. It’s rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will be renamed into the S20.

This is being done to revive interest in the devices, which have become similar to the iPhones of old. Previous to the iPhone 8, Apple maintained a number-by-number basis for their handsets. Eventually, they switched over to Roman Numerals. This prompted the iPhone X and XI rebranding their flagship devices, a task not typically easy but successfully carried out due to its popularity. However, Samsung doesn’t have the same level of popularity and subsequently, this process will be more challenging for this tech conglomerate.

Huawei’s Footsteps

The Samsung Corporation is following in the footsteps of the Huawei Company, opting not to engage Roman Numerals like Apple. This isn’t surprising since Huawei has grown to become Samsung’s most significant rival. Consumers of Samsung’s flagship device can anticipate models like the Galaxy S30, S40, and S50 in the coming years. Analysts have begun speculating that after this remodelling, consumers won’t see an alteration in the Galaxy lineup until the S100. Industry insiders close to Samsung haven’t confirmed or denied these claims.

Samsung will be using its update branding model as the new beginning for Android Smartphones. The alignment of release dates will become more similar to Huawei’s, promoting mid-year sales figures. This will give the Apple Corporation an open market at year-end and other Android phones priority over profits in the new year.

The Release Date

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 is slated to be announced in Mid-February to consumers. Pre-orders will be made available moments after the announcement, with the handset slated for release in March or April. This Mid-February Event will also announce the leaked Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Fold 2 Handset. It’s also rumoured that select unnamed products will be announced at the 2020 Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. The Samsung Corporations, last flagship handset in the Galaxy Lineup, was released on March 6th, 2019. If rumours are correct, this launch date could be postponed until March 30th to April 15th. The S20 would be released worldwide to North America and Europe, with prices estimated to cost more than $1,000.00.