Sever Upgrades to ESO

Open-world games supporting the MMO format have dwindled in popularity throughout the 2010 – 20 decade. Notable titles like World of Warcraft saw millions of players leave their servers, switching over to Elder Scrolls Online. Today, ESO stands as the most-played and diverse MMO maintained in the video game industry. It’s available on the personal computer, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, this game has faced significant technical difficulties in recent memory. This comes after a boost in popularity, which has prompted issues like framerate glitches and games crashing regularly. There are also consistent slowdown periods in populated areas, even with the highest-grade Ram and Graphic Cards available. Zenimax Online Studios, the developers behind Elder Scrolls Online, confirmed today that numerous patches would be released through 2020 for performance improvements. This confirmation included a scheduled outline for these updates, with the first slated to release in the first financial quarter of 2020.

Update Details

It’s speculated that the first update for Q1 2020 will be released by February or March, with previous instalment dates being the reference point. Update Twenty-Five will improve the character loading capabilities for Elder Scrolls Online, which will extend to the in-game objects and environments. Zenimax Studios in their announced expressed that improvements to combat will be made as well, with framerate enhancements planned as well. The most notable detail in their scheduled outline report noted that multi-threading will be implemented. This will allow ESO to utilize multiple cores with consoles and CPU’s, improving the loading capabilities of this MMO.

Supporters of Elder Scrolls Online should prepare themselves for a significant download size with Update 25. It’ll require that consumers redownload the in-game loading menu. It should be noted that this update will include the next substantial expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, which is slated for the Skyrim Region. This expansion was teased throughout Elsywer, with the Dragonguard being mentioned numerous times. After the 25th update, Zenimax Studios plans to implement downloadable enhancement in the second quarter of 2020. Update 26 will include additional improvements to the framerate, optimization of servers and combat ability improvements.

Play Today

The scheduled outline for updates with ESO in 2020 includes enhancements for Q3 and Q4. However, information regarding those updates hasn’t been expressed by Zenimax. Those wanting to experience Elder Scrolls Online for the 1st time can purchase the game for $30.00 to $150.00 throughout the Xbox, PlayStation of Steam PC marketplaces. Additionally, Zenimax Studios is releasing another version of the game for the Google Stadia.