Shell Unveils Ferrari Model Cars In Association With LEGO

Shell Pakistan’s latest teaser campaign was recently unveiled to announce the launch of a new promotion in collaboration with Ferrari and the LEGO Group.

Shell will be offering a range of six different limited edition micro-propelled LEGO model cars in Pakistan or a LEGO minifigure pack with the purchase of Shell Helix Synthetic Motor Oils and Shell Super.

This promotion brings together three global brands and celebrates over 60 years of passion for performance between Shell and Ferrari.

The models are based on some of the most iconic vehicles in Ferrari’s motoring history. Designed by the LEGO Group, these models are the first vehicles of this size that have powered wheels. Aiming to illustrate Shell’s technical partnership with Ferrari, the limited edition models are capable of performing a minimum of 300 pulls, propelling a 30g vehicle a minimum of 2 metres.

“This promotion perfectly represents the passion for performance and innovation that Shell and Ferrari share while incorporating the fun and imagination of LEGO products. Whether you are a fan of Ferrari, motorsport, or LEGO bricks, we think these toys are an exciting reward for our customers,” said Omar Y Sheikh, managing director of Shell Pakistan Limited.

The models included in the promotion are Ferrari F150° Italia, Scuderia Ferrari Truck, Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta passo corto (SWB), Ferrari F40, Ferrari FXX and Ferrari 458 Italia.