Smart Home Systems Revealed at CES 2019

Many might be following the huge trend around home automation, which is understandable, thanks to the latest tech from the biggest in the business. Even consumers keep on eye on what’s happening, wanting the best and seeing how the Apples compare to the Samsung and Google systems.

These have become the main way to do anything from activating lights through to getting a recipe for Indian dishes, straight from a small little speaker standing in a convent place in your home. While this might seem like a small smart device to you, the industry booms with projected revenue of over $53 billion within the next 3 year.

With this revenue size, it’s no wonder major companies continuously develop new additions to further improve on features and stay ahead of the competition. New companies also enter the market, some including new assistant devices while others create the items interacting with home automation, all contributing to the incredibly huge revenue mentioned above.

For 2019, home automation takes yet another drastic changes from the biggest companies, offering faster features and being able to communicate with more devices. In fact, Google got the trade show started by announcing their home assistant will be available on over 1 billion devices by the end of January 2019.

We also see the introduction of 5G being a major attraction for the 2019 trade show as most companies introduce the feature. The upgrade from 4G LTE allows the internet to handle more devices and let’s you enjoy even faster connectivity speeds with commands by making the bandwidth bigger.

Samsung Galaxy Home

That’s right, Samsung is now joining the home automation world with a Galaxy Speaker, which we first found out about in August of last year. However, the company hasn’t revealed a release date or the expected price for the unique, which we’re hoping to see at the CES trade show.

The major mobile company has more than 20% of the market, which means over 7 million devices worldwide. This gives them the perfect opportunity to enter the market and instantly boom with business. The Bixby speaker from Samsung might not have all of the same features, but it’s geared towards offering the best launchpad for tech.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant plans to introduce a range of new features that involves partnerships with more companies. This means you’ll be able to do even more in the months to come, which is a huge attraction for everyone.

Google remains the most popular A.I. home system for users from around the world and with these new features, that’s not about to change anytime soon. Especially not since they keep integrating features with the devices we use the most, our smartphones. Just one of the features to look forward to is from the Simple human company who announced a smart mirror, which is set to work with Google Assistant. Of course, as the trade show goes on, we’ll see even more new tech for the Google platform, making it one of the biggest companies to look out for.