Social Media And ROI: The Addiction To Perpetual Failure

But, as he clearly pointed out, the concept of ROI is a purely financial metric and should always be seen that way. Simply getting likes means nothing.

Nokia has the most likes in Pakistan and is rapidly losing its grip, foothold and brand preference in Pakistan. While it does have brand awareness, it has no brand preference. Its the difference between someone saying “Yeah I’ve heard of Nokia” and saying “Yeah I’ll buy Nokia”. I’ve heard of thieving political parties (awareness) but I won’t vote for them (preference). This distinction is critical. David argues that the end objective should be viewed first and as a result the digital platforms strategy. As seen from the clear non performance of most digital campaigns, people opt for the ‘in’ platforms before seeing if it will have a quantitative and qualitative impact on their sales and ROI objectives. And no, likes, reach and PTAT is not a good enough ROI in the true sense.

This also applies to the strategy taken to earn the attention of the Chief Justice for the recent teen killing in Pakistan. While we know that in the previous similar instance, the elites of social media and arm-chair activists resorted to endless Facebook pages and imagery shares, we also know that this strategy resulted in many likes and no justice for the victim. And this time around, the same “strategy” is making the rounds. Its either perpetual laziness or lack of foresight, but these aspiring revolutionists really need to rethink their means in reaching the CJ – maybe protest outside his residence, go on a hunger strike, file a case against the culprit, make television appearances or take to the streets. To think the CJ is active on Facebook is just wishful thinking.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

About the author: Laila Rehman is an associate with SilkSKIN in the corporate sales team. She can be reached on for business meetings.