Software Development Movements in 2019

In an ever-transforming and growing world, change is unstoppable. Every industry in existence needs to embrace changes and innovations, IT-wise or otherwise, or be left behind. Similarly, software development and design trends need to evolve; it is, in fact, one of the new sectors that face constant growth and change. Software trends to focus on include Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Progressive Web Applications, and Blockchain Technology.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is the marriage of virtual reality and augmented reality. This market size is estimated and forecast by Statista. Statista is one of the most successful online databases of statistics derived from market research and opinion-based research, and it is available in 4 languages.

Augmented Reality (AR) has grown well over the last several years. Integrating it into smartphone apps was a great move and solely deserves the credit for the growth. Smartphones have become so popular that the companies have no choice but to invest in AR application, and some are even hiring AR developers in bulk. A bonus with AR is that it doesn’t need hardware to be taken advantage of, and it extends beyond gaming. Mixed reality is also used for military training in the United States Army.

Artificial Intelligence

With the birth of Artificial Intelligence, machines have been coded to execute tasks that were only ever dreamed of. This software allows previously inanimate machines to think now as humans do. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity in businesses and companies throughout the world. AI has provided a fantastic support platform from which web app developers can experiment. AI has also had roles in the health care, education and banking industries.

Progressive web applications

This is the hybrid of web applications and mobile applications they differ immensely from the usual mobile apps. Service worker (their script) is an integral part of how they work. They are super easy to create, sustain and fast to load with a slow internet connection; this is why many companies have made them their primary focus in the last several years.


This technology is fast gaining popularity as it is one of the most mentioned technologies in the software world. Digital currencies like those of bitcoin and Ethereum would not have been able to be created and sustained if not for the introduction of Blockchain. The growth graph and forecasts of this particular technology have already been seen in the modern world and is no longer just associated with the finance sector, who uses it extensively. It is finding growing uses in the media and healthcare software development services.

The safe and simple transactions and recording thereof in a decentralized ledger with the aid of Blockchain Tech, make this an essential service for all industries in some of the many veins in businesses. This is why more blockchain developers are needed nowadays, as more corporations are extending their roots to blockchain development services.