Software Development Tendencies in 2019 Part 2

Last week we considered some of the trends in software development, namely; Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Progressive Web Applications and Blockchain Technologies. There are many more trends in the changing sands of time, so we will be discussing a few more to keep an eye on in 2019.

  • Quality of Coding
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software Development Outsourcing

Language and frameworks were introduced adjacent to software technologies for programming purposes. A business should do research and make sure they select the best style for programming right at the beginning of their project to omit the possibility of failure. JavaScript is one of the favourites of developers, due to its flexibility, especially when it comes to hybrid applications. The success and understandability of various languages can be seen in historical data which will aid in decision making. Companies can and should use information from different surveys to plan unique software development projects, as some languages are more successful than others.

Quality of Coding

Technology is continually evolving, and the quality of the coding done for your business should be your primary focus. Low code development has allowed technology-based companies to hire staff with less technical abilities to program the software. Depending on what outcome your business is aiming for software-wise, the decision needs to be made on the quality of coding to use, for the best results for each company.


Life without security is like being left in shark-infested water with a cut; it won’t end well. Security is essential for our safety in the growing changes of time. This is true too for businesses, not only in the usual sense keeping your staff and visitors safe but also in the cyber sight. Your software and files need to be protected from cyber hackers, phishers and other internet villains. The loss of software and the theft of information is a growing concern and should be monitored continuously.

Software Development and Outsourcing

In a survey by Statista, the online database of various survey statistics, the market size of outsourced software development was ascertained as billions of US dollars. Internationally the outsourced market is multiplying every year; this is due to many companies opting to hire outside services instead of engaging in house developers, which are a long-term expense to the business.

Think Wisely

All in all, it is of utmost importance for the survival of businesses, to stay up to date with technological influences, changes and trends to remain the market leaders. Make an effort to check quarterly if your software development is keeping up with the changes. Events and preferences change so rapidly you could be left behind. If budget is a problem, whether a start-up business or a struggling company, a great option to consider is outsourcing. Keep your finger on the pulse, and you are sure to succeed.