Subway’s ‘Footlong’ Falls Short Of A Foot

Here’s the picture that started it all:

Matt Corby Subway 11 inch footlong
Photo: Matt Corby via Facebook

Teenager Matt Corby posted the photo to Subway Australia’s Facebook page earlier this month, with the caption: “subway pls respond.” The outraged customer wanted to know why his sandwich was not 12 inches long, as advertised.

The photo went viral and gathered 117,000 likes, 2,700 shares, and 5,100 comments.

How did Subway Australia respond? See for yourself:

BuzzFeed’s Copyranter calls it an ‘amazingly stupid response’ that’s begging for legal action. That ‘Subway Footlong’ is merely a descriptive name and not a measurement of length is a ridiculous notion, especially when keeping in mind these images from a Subway US commercial from 2008 that clearly state the size of a footlong:

The controversial post has since been taken down from Subway Australia’s Facebook page.