Take It To The Max: Maximising The Results Of Your Leaflet Distribution Campaign

In today’s world it is easy to think that direct marketing strategies like leaflet distribution are something of the past compared to the new online mass marketing techniques. But experienced marketers know that a flyer campaign might be one of the best marketing techniques for small businesses who want to profit the most from their marketing investments.

Having decided to use leaflet distribution for your latest advertising campaign, there are several things you can do to help maximise the impact and results that the campaign can bring to your business.

Research and planning
Conducting a little market research (either yourself or using the services of a market research company) as part of your planning phase may seem a little costly or time consuming, but it’s certain to inform both the content of your leaflets and the areas that you target in delivery.  Of course, this is key in getting your leafleted message out in the way that you want it, directly to your customers.

Research and planning in advance of the production and delivery of your leaflets will also help you to ensure that your leaflet content will be relevant not only to what you want to gain for your business (new customers, repeat custom from existing clients, introducing your name or brand to a new territory) but, importantly, to the households which will be receiving them.

For example, if you are advertising your gardening services but two out of three possible postcodes for delivery in the immediate vicinity include social housing blocks of flats, then your research will have shown you that your services are just not relevant to these communities.   Similarly, if you want to introduce your dog-walking service to new areas, you might make your leaflet more relevant to each new area by varying the images used, to include photographs of the parks most local to certain post-codes.

Trade on testimonials
Similar to relevance, this is about making your message heard with a “customers like you …” echo.  If you are already an established business, or at least one which is just beyond the start-up phase, thinking about the customer demographic you are targeting your campaign towards will almost certainly bring existing customers to mind.  If you can get testimonials from happy clients, to include on your leaflets, add to this benefit by matching those testimonials to the demographic you are aiming for.

For example, if you’re a café owner hoping to gain a niche from the student market and are targeting your leaflet distribution towards student-based house shares, the local college or university campus, then include a special offer for students and get some images and testimonials from your existing student customers, to help endorse your message and service.  You are not only using both relevance and testimonials to help maximise your chances of success, but this method also appeals to the basic instincts of wanting to be ‘in’, so a ‘join in …’ message endorsed by relevant testimonials can be very attractive to potential customers.

Dare to be Different
Most of us would agree, that we probably couldn’t tell the difference from one take-away leaflet that comes through the door from another.    The bad news is that the take-away industry is not the only trade this sea of ‘sameness’ applies to.  So, if you are in a highly competitive business where ‘look-alike’ leaflets are a problem, try to maximize the results of your campaign by emphasising what’s different about your business and demonstrating this in the format of your leaflet.

About the author: Paul M. Moore is a CWTadvertising.com Marketing Specialist with over 15 years’ experience in the Marketing field and Direct Marketing Techniques.