Tecno Handsets Found with Preinstalled Malware

The Chinese Communist Party has again been found of collecting consumer data outside their region & breaking international law. The malware was located on Chinese-manufactured smartphones under the Tecno branding, being pre-installed without the prior knowledge of users. Tecno’s smartphones are cheaply priced to meet the demands of nations like Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Cameroon. Devices are often priced lower than the manufacturing cost for Tecno, which had led towards security infringements.

The Triada Malware was located on the Tecno W2 Smartphone, a popular handset with more than 350+ thousand users throughout the African continent. Triada Malware registers consumers unknowingly to subscription services for magazines & overruns the data usage of the handset, evoking a higher volume of data for the Chinese Communist Party.
August 2020 isn’t the first time that the Triada Malware has been located on Tecno devices. It was previously found two years ago, where the smartphone manufacturer promised they’d increase security permissions after the initial malware was discovered. It appears those security enhancements weren’t ever implemented in Tecno updates.

Anti-Fraud Platforms in South Africa located 19.2 million transactions that were deemed suspicious. 200+ thousand devices of the 350+ active in Africa were affected by these transactions. Secure-D is an Anti-Trust Platform that noted the threats facing low-income families worldwide, which have their data collected by unknown sources & entities. The Chinese Community Party is targeting the most vulnerable through tech conglomerates like Huawei, and Tecno.

The African Smartphone Market is dependent on China, with their devices accounting for 41% of devices sold yearly. When evaluating Tecno’s position on the Chinese Nasdaq, it’s noted that their growth in China has been abandoned & focus is entirely on the African continent. Tecno doesn’t have a single office African nations, prompting concerns that similar methods being used against America are now being targeted towards Africa.

False Claims

Tecno Mobile claimed that those experiencing issues with the W2 Smartphone hadn’t installed the security patch, which is available globally for download since March 2018. However, thousands of W2 Smartphone users expressed through social media that they’d installed the security patch on its first week in 2018 & no issues had arisen till earlier this month. It suggests that Tecno Mobile reuploaded the malware.