Tesla Autopilot Fails & Results in Death

After a prolonged investigation, reports have been released regarding the first-ever Tesla that was involved in a crash. Have these detailed reports revealed that the owner was playing a video game at the time of this crash, With the vehicle’s occupant being Apple employee. This report also told from the US National Transportation Safety Board that the car was in the Semi-Autonomous Autopilot Mode. Tesla has continually instructed the individuals that own their vehicles to keep both hands on their steering wheel during any variation of the autopilot mode. The US National Transportation Safety Board now believes that additional crashes will follow if Tesla cannot update its autopilot system on the national level.

It should be noted that this crash happened two years ago in March 2018. It took this governing authority twenty-four months of investigation to collect the required data. The NTS stated that this autopilot system steered this Apple employee towards the Gore area of the motorway and then accelerated towards the concrete barrier, create an immediate impact and killing an Apple Employee. This crash occurred at Hwy 101 In California when the Tesla hit the concrete wall; it split into with the front end going back towards traffic. It caused an additional two crashes and multiple injuries. Walter Huang in Tesla was the only one who passed away.

Autopilot Mode

Those that implement the autopilot mode allow for this car to dry semi-autonomously. This means it’s able to change lanes and adjust its speed, with motorsport analyst noticing that consumers believe this feature allows for the car to drive entirely on his own. The NTS has expressed public warnings hello regarding how drivers cannot become over-reliance on the semi-autonomous autopilot feature.

Since the NTS has provided his public warning, Tesla has increased their level of instruction towards drivers not removing their hands from the steering wheel during the semi-autonomous autopilot mode being active. Whenever drivers have taken their hands off the steering wheel, a warning sound will now begin to instruct them to be more cautious. It should be noted that the NTS doesn’t believe it so suitable method to ensure driver engagement, as this feature and safeguard can be shut down throughout the settings of the Tesla. Motorsport analysts have also questioned Elon Musk as to why he allows for video games, films and social media to be enjoyed through his vehicles dash pad. The Tony Stark-Esc billionaire hasn’t provided any insight regarding that decision.