Thailand Monarchy Attacks Social Media Platforms

The Government & Monarchy of Thailand is creating numerous enemies amid the consensus for their immediate removal. The latest enemy that Thailand’s Monarchy is targeting is social media. Thailand’s Government stated their prosecuting Twitter, Google, and Facebook for not removing illegal posts. When Gov Officials were questioned on what those illegal posts were, there was immediate refusal to provide evidence. All that was noted is after these social media platforms are prosecuted, the Thailand Government will target individual users to insulting the Monarchy.

Thailand Monarch Law often leads towards life-long prison sentences for civilians evoking their opinion. Those that speak against the Monarchy are considered traitors of the state and won’t be permitted freedom again. The Thailand Government announcing they’ll target a comprehensive social media platform, is the 1st in history worldwide. How Thailand will lawfully cite punishments onto Twitter & Facebook, with the inclusion of Google, isn’t known for law practitioners.

There have been extensive protests throughout Thailand, with the average civilians demanding political reform & real democracy throughout the regions. Monarch & Government leaders responded by sending social media platforms like Facebook with warnings to terminate all insults of the Monarchy. Facebook, Twitter, and Google haven’t complied with the request. These platforms inherently believe in the freedom of speech and have opposed multiple governments on that belief.

It should be mentioned that Thailand’s Government is creating cyber crime police for the prosecution of Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This means the laws weren’t officially in place, and that warning wouldn’t have to be obeyed legally. It also means Thailand is breaking international cyber treaties.

The Fine

Under the latest legislation issued by the Thailand Government & Monarchy, social media corporations can be fined $5,780.00 per ignored post. Facebook itself hasn’t removed 436 posts relating to Thailand’s Monarchy, which means a fine valued at $2,520,080.00 can be issued towards the social media company. Facebook could always shutdown their services permanently in Thailand & refuse to pay, which would be the likely fallout.

It should be mentioned that the Thailand Monarchy & Government is working to eliminate genuine information regarding protests. Law enforcement from Thailand claimed that fifteen thousand arrived to dispute the Monarchy, with actual numbers from satellite footage revealing fifty thousand.