The Ad Mad Dude On Zubaida Aapa’s Whitening Soap That Promises Gora Pakistan

Nahi Zubaida aapa mujhe gora nahin hona! I love my tan; it makes me beautiful. In actual logic the more melanin you have in your skin (which, by the way, gives you your skin color) the less skin diseases you are prone to!

Ab gora hoga Pakistan – really!?!?!? There are a host of whitening creams but they have taken a different route and honestly don’t make Pakistan sound like it has a kaaladisease.

Should I mention how racist this is? But that wouldn’t matter of course since the kaaladisease needs to be treated!

Kaala is not the problem. It’s the existence of such brand teams and creatives.

I am giving you all the middle finger salute!

Watch the video below:

Agency: Angel’s Advertisers 
Product:: Zubaida Aapa Whitening Soap 
Duration: 45 sec
Director: Baber Elishah (TheBashFilms’) 
DOP: Haseeb at 146 
Produce by: Sirf Films 
Line Producer: Waleed Irfan Khan 
Creative Director: Kamran SA Khan 
Art Director: Bshah 
Asst Director: Binesh Khan, Yahya Production Co: Ishtiaq 
Production Manager: Waleed IK & Khalil 
Makeup:Altaf at Altaf Saloon Shoot by Arri Alexa 
Location: Malir, Studio 146, City Station & KGA 
Music: R.Adnan Dawood Khan 
Talent: Ajmal Murad, Ntalent Hunt (Naila Khan) & Hamid

First published here by The Ad Mad Dude on 7 May, 2014.

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