The Madness Of Celebratory Aerial Firing

It is probably only in the sub-continent where gun culture is so predominant that people thrive on the misconception that guns represent a status symbol and a blatant display of firearms is a show of machismo.

This warped mindset has resulted in nothing but the loss of innocent lives, especially in Pakistan where the law seems to be helpless in cracking down on those who engage in senseless aerial firing.

Happy occasions like the new year, weddings, sports victories or election victories are best celebrated by inviting people for dinner or lunch parties or arranging a musical soiree where guests can enjoy themselves to suit the mood of the occasion.

However, what is most bewildering and beyond comprehension is why people pick up revolvers, TTs and even Kalashnikov rifles and engage in random uncontrolled aerial firing to celebrate these joyous occasions.

One fails to comprehend the rationale of this act and the purpose behind it.  Does this give the person an overpowering feeling of power and control or a feeling that they are invincible?

What is the most alarming feature is that many of these people who are involved in such scenarios are the same people who hold positions of power in the Government. A case in point is the recent by-elections when the ruling party, PML-N, won majority seats and its supporters engaged in reckless aerial firing in their respective constituencies.

It is difficult to fathom that the lawmakers of the country themselves brazenly break the law simply because it serves their purpose. What impression does this irresponsible and unreasonable behavior give to the rest of the world?   Does this portray a positive image of us as a civilized nation?

There have been hundreds of documented cases where innocent people have been hit killed by stray bullets. Many a festive occasion has descended into tragedy, yet no sense prevails. And year after year we witness such events all over again.

The country is already facing the scourge of terrorism and hundreds of lives are being lost yearly. Such carnage and bloodletting are beyond our control but at least we should have the maturity and good sense not to engage in the stupid and callous act of aerial firing which is very much within our control.