Top 10 Pro-Election 2013 Brands

If we can identify two things that brand managers are strictly told to avoid as conversational topics on any media, its religion and politics.

In Pakistan however, religion is exploited where its comfortable and in a few cases politics is used to gain followings depending on the geographic locality of its tie-ins. It’s very impressive when a non-local brand seeks to educate the people and encourage voting, especially given that a whopping 55% of the nation failed to show up in 2008 and prevent what is easily the worst form of democracy ever recorded (more affectionately referred to as demohoaxcrazy in some channels).

In terms of getting the message across, whether is positively or negatively encouraging, the top ten ‘shout-outs’ by brands are:

10 – Nando’s Pakistan

Virality? 2 Shares

9 – Kurkure Pakistan

Virality? 17 Shares

8 – Branding Bees

Virality? 20 Shares

7 – The Cakery

Virality? 25 Shares

6 – 14th Street Pizza

Virality? 34 Shares

5 – Djuice Pakistan

Virality? 36 Shares

4 – Uth Oye

Virality? 50 Shares

3 – LALS

Virality? 64 Shares

2 – Ginsoy Extreme Chinese

Virality? 244 Shares

1 – Espresso Coffee

Virality? 4,218 Shares

It’s interesting to note that the brands without a monetization agenda from the elections make up most of the list.

My personal favorite is the message from LALS, what about you?

About the author: Zohaib is former CEO of Nadia Textiles and currently a franchisee for Pearl Continental Catering in Lahore and investor-founder of several B-corporations, notably Uth Oye.