Top 3 Classified Ad Websites In Pakistan

The Internet has made buying second-hand items much simpler than it ever was before. All buyers need to do is visit a classified ad websites where they can find listings for whatever it is they may be looking for.

Classified ad websites facilitate shopping by providing a constructive platform for selling used or new items. For instance, if you want to sell your old smartphone you can post an ad for it online, and if any of the site’s visitors are interested in buying your smartphone they will contact you directly.

Classified ad websites are gaining popularity in Pakistan as well and three popular ones are, OLX, and Pakwheels.  Let us have a brief look at these.

1. OLX

When thinking of selling something online, the first website that will come up in minds of many Pakistanis is probably OLX, thanks to the brand’s recent advertising campaign. OLX is a free classified ad website. Although the website has local domains for many countries, the company itself is based in America and has a regional office in India. The website is quite user-friendly. For instance, it features search option which makes finding items much easier so buyers don’t have to spend much time browsing through different categories. It also allows individuals to write their own description of the listed item.

2. is also a free classified ad website. It has been developed in Pakistan and is backed by the Ferozsons Publishing Group. The site allows users to place ads for almost anything, including phones, cars, computers, real estate, and home appliances. distinguishes itself from OLX through its exclusive focus on the Pakistani market. It has many features designed to cater the particular needs of Pakistani community. For instance, if an individual wants to place an ad about selling Mehran or FX car, he can select Mehran or FX from the list of vehicles on This option of selecting Mehran or FX is not available on OLX because its list of vehicles does not include these popular Pakistani cars, even though it includes many foreign cars such as Maruti, a car mainly used in India.

Cars  not the only category where offers Pakistan-specific options; the site also allows users to list local smartphone brands such as QMobile.


Pakwheels is yet another free ad website which is also based in Pakistan. As the name suggests, the website only includes ads for vehicles so it has a much smaller range of products than or OLX. The extra aspect of this website is that it also supports feature ads which are useful for those individuals who want to keep their ads on the front page of the website. Other aspects of this website are similar to and OLX. s.