Top Free Website Builders 2019

In years past, those who wanted to create a website only had two choices, pay a middleman plenty of money for a professional-looking website or teach themselves coding to build their own. But eventually, through a website development revolution, small businesses can now set up their website, without technological experience, using one of the various free website builders. All that is needed is some computer, either a laptop or a desktop or even a tablet, and then the internet is their oyster. Some of the low-cost web builders are amazing and worth every cent; there is an option of free building platforms available these days.


This build-your-own website platform claims to be the top-rated free builder, and while it is an excellent choice for small businesses wanting to make a name for themselves, it has a few shortfalls. The websites created through Webstarts are known to struggle to adapt their pages to mobile devices; this is a big negative for local businesses relying on people researching on their cell phones. Another hiccup is that once you have selected a template, you are bound to that template and can’t change the little details as other web builders allow. A big plus is an option of linking almost 200 external apps, like Facebook, Twitter, calendars, Instagram, and so on.


Currently, at the top of the chart in the eyes of the consumer is Wix. For small businesses wanting to generate a presence online, the user-friendly interface makes their platform quick and easy to grasp. Wix does offer a world-renowned paid option which is better than the free one, but once you get used to the set locations of the adverts in the free version, their high-quality templates, intuitive building platform, endless numbers of pages and mobile device adaptability make it a fascinating option. In the freemium plan, you have unlimited pages and free search engine optimization for the whole site.


New to the open web builder industry, Jimdo is quickly making a name for themselves. Their free selection of templates is taken to a whole new level with high professional looking options. Not only do these websites look beautiful, but the adapt flawlessly to mobile devices, making them an excellent choice for businesses planning to attract customers researching the run and those who like to sit at home and study in their pyjamas. Jimdo also offers a free mobile app making it a breeze to edit your website on any device with internet access and data. A bonus of using jimdo is that it allows you to build a small store online at no extra cost, a lot of the freemium plans on the other web builders don’t offer this option. One downfall is that Jimdo only provides seos of one page, while other sites provide search engine optimization for every page.