Travel Sites at your Disposal in 2019

A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at some travel sites to aid in planning your next holiday. We found a few more interesting ones and wanted to bring them to your attention. is a unique travel site as it allows you to state how much you can afford to spend. Unfortunately for them and their users, it now only applies to car rentals. For some reason unbeknownst to us, they dropped the option when you were looking for flights back in 2016. It is quite like a bid that you place, rather than the traditional price sliders seen on many sites. You select all your details; the duration of hire time, type of car and place a bid indicating what you would like to pay per day.

Should your bid not win, you can try again 24 hours later, either placing the same request or a higher bid or compromising on your preferences. Sadly, it is a blind bid, you will know the car specs before you pay, but will only remember what company you are renting from, post-purchase. A bit of potluck, and a significant saving is possible, especially when travelling out of season.


When considering a car rental to allow for freedom on your holiday, think about using Expedia. They make the car rental shopping process less of a headache. Their user-friendly interface allows you to select not only the type of car you want, its transmission and the different mileage policies, but also you can choose your favourite rental company.

This site, too, boasts a map showing Car Rental Agencies in specific areas, which can be tricky when toggling between map mode and filter mode. But all in all, it is helpful, and you can avoid the unnecessary kilos by finding a rental agency near where you will be operating for that time frame. When it comes to their air ticket prices, do not expect anything more than average. They buy no means overcharge, but their prices are never a “wow” deal. So, when it comes to the flying part of the journey.

Their hotel searches are basic. The filters include price and ratings (both star and customer) but not much more. Should you want to be sure of the location, or book a smoking room, or need Wi-Fi or a kettle in your room, consider using or Kayak.

Last Words

As you can see, travel sites have both pros and cons to them. It might be a smart idea to use a variety of websites according to their strengths to plan the best holiday at the best price. Just make sure to do the relevant research, 91km might seem like a short drive, but when the speed limit is 30km/h may be a more central bed to rest your head would be preferable.