Twitter CEO Donates $1 Billion to Fight COVID-19

The Founder of Twitter announced that $1 Billion would be donated towards tackling the global coronavirus pandemic. This donation accounts for 28% of the total wealth obtained by Jack Dorsey, showing that not all billionaires are selfish and will donate a substantial portion of their funds for the greater good. Dorsey confirmed this donation through Twitter, with some questioning if it’s genuinely viable. Details on where these significant funds would be donated weren’t mentioned. This is considerably odd when a donation of this nature assists with your philanthropist profile.

The Start Small Foundation will distribute the various funds associated with Jack Dorsey’s donation. They provided minimal details on where these funds will be provided. It was confirmed that a percentage of the $1 billion would be used towards personal protective equipment and ventilator masks. Considering that North America and Europe have limited access to these products, Dorsey’s involvement will become praised. Additional donations could follow by Jack auctioning off a percentage of his shares with Square, which he founded years after creating Twitter.

It should be mentioned that Jack Dorsey will be selling these shares over a prolonged period. The valuation of this donation can fluctuate depending on stock & share prices associated with Twitter or Square. Whatever funds remain after the coronavirus pandemic has concluded will be used towards Education & Research on Girl’s Health. All these confirmations were made through Twitter in a Six-Part Thread. These donations would allow Jack Dorsey to see a community impact for women throughout his lifetime.

Public Tracking

Those disputing that Jack Dorsey is donating 28% of his net wealth are incorrect. The Twitter CEO released Google Documents that’ll allow for millions worldwide to track donations in a public manner. Considering that Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO & Founder of Facebook, has committed the minimum of $30 million, some are questioning why he’d provide so little in comparison to Jack Dorsey. Zuckerberg donates less than Jeff Bezos, who gave $100 Million to US Food Banks. The Apple Corporation hasn’t done anything to assist North America with the COVID-19 pandemic.