US Election in Jeopardy from Hackers

The United States of America has enemies worldwide, with communist regimes like Russia & China continually working towards destabilizing American society. Destabilization efforts became known during the 2016 Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump Election Campaign, which was hacked by the Russians & wouldn’t be revealed until years later. Government agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigations have worked alongside technology conglomerates, creating cybersecurity infrastructure that can recognize attempted attacks.

Microsoft provided their cybersecurity technology to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, prompting the company to announce on September 10th that they’ve located data which reveals Russian & Chinese hackers have implemented attacks towards the 2020 US Election. Iranian hackers have followed similar tactics, assisting their larger communist brothers. Shockingly, Microsoft has located these attempted attacks, with hackers becoming prominently better at covering their digital tracks. It’d take the FBI two years to determine that Russian hackers had leaked thousands of Hilary Clinton’s emails, prompting the Pizzagate Scandal & her inevitable loss to President Donald Trump.

Sophisticated online personas are created by these hackers, using a variety of digital tools to hide from national security agencies like the FBI and CIA. Microsoft with FBI assistance determined that Russian hackers are creating twenty IP Addresses per day, allowing for hidden backdoors that cybercriminals use to disassociate from their originating IP Address. Microsoft anticipates that Russia has 1,000 IP Addresses that are active today. China & Iran likely have access to those servers.

Destabilization of American Politics

Hackers from China enforced thousands of cyber attacks against the Joe Biden Presidential Campaign, working towards collecting information that could use to against Donald Trumps 2020 rival. Russia & China have actively worked to keep President Trump in office, with his bullish behaviour often benefiting their international goals over America’s. Joe Biden becoming America’s 46th President would stop Russia and China from accomplishing those Anti-Democratic goals.

There’s evidence that Russia, China, and Iran, have been working to destabilize politics in America. There’s evidence that shows Iranian Hackers have made 2700 attacks towards President Donald Trump, while also completing 500+ known attacks onto Presidential Elect Joe Biden.