Walmart Terminates Inventory Robots at 500 Locations

Automation in the retail workspace has been a central goal for international corporations. It’d mean that employed personnel could be terminated, and operational costs could be lowered. Responses seen from consumers haven’t been positive & companies have begun reverting their decision on automation via retail robots. One large-scale corporation that’s removing their retail robots is Walmart, a prominent adopter of the technology.

The Walmart Company entered a partnership agreement with Bossa Nova Robotics in 2017, which saw retail robots deployed to multiple locations for inventory & shelving automation. Initially, this contract saw 50 locations adopt the technology, with an additional 450 locations adopting retail robots from 2017 to 2020.

Learning that Walmart has terminated its contract with Bossa Nova Robotics is surprising, with the firm confirming their expanding to an additional 1000 locations. When Walmart was questioned on why BNRs contract is being terminated, corporate representatives mentioned that data revealed humans could sustain this job. It’s a blatant excuse to avoid citing the Covid-19 Pandemic, with all corporations including Walmart, seeing financial losses since March 2020.

Online Shopping

The Wall Street Journal revealed details regarding what prompted the Walmart Company into making this decision. It’s been reported by this viable source that Walmart has seen an increase in online shopping & determined that employed personnel at locations not supporting retail robots, had been sustaining their jobs since the Covid-19 pandemic began in March 2020. Wall Street Journal reported Walmart is cancelling their contract with Bossa Nova Robotics to save corporate funds and create more jobs during the epidemic. It should be noted that Bossa Nova Robotics has experienced severe fallout from this announcement, with 50% of employed personnel being terminated. Operations for BNR has now been streamlined.

Media personnel at TechCrunch & the Wall Street Journal questioned Bossa Nova Robotics on Walmart’s decision prompting layoffs. A company spokesperson refused to confirm or deny if the retail conglomerate played an influential factor on their 50% decrease in staff. It’s unfortunate for Robotic experts working with BNS but beneficial for Walmart & furloughed civilians requiring temporary employment in America. Bossa Nova Robotics experts to recover via the long-term.