What is Google Syncing?

Well, what it won’t be syncing from 10 June is Google Drive and Google photos. This is to prevent users from accidentally deleting their favourite photos and videos synced across the two platforms. Google is aiming to keep it simple and user-friendly. We all know how frustrating it is when cleaning our drives, deleting duplicates, only to find our beautiful memories lost forever. It seems like some users don’t realise that when eliminating one of the products, it automatically has an effect on the other, and rightfully so, in many minds, drives are separate, and when changes are made in one, it only affects that one drive.

What should you expect from the changes?

For those who use the two platforms regularly and understand it, you can look forward to inconveniences, especially if you often access your captured memories from Google Drive. From 10 June onwards your Google Photos files won’t automatically show in Google Drive nor the other way around, the good news is, this also means photos and videos deleted in one platform will still show in the other.

Always look on the bright side of the net

This update will not affect your existing photos and videos what so ever. They will still be accessible from both Google Drive and Google Photos; however, when the changes are enforced, the folders will stop being updated. Google has also decided to introduce the ability to upload from Google Drive so that users can self select which videos and photos they might like to import to Google Photos, but allowing no link, which means it will add to your storage quota but protect your memories at the same time. Backup and Sync apps will still be available on Mac and Windows providing users with a means to upload to both Photos and Drive.

In other Google News

Rumour has it that some Android phones have “a backdoor” making them as vulnerable as a newly hatched turtle on seagull island. And this was before the phones were ever available for retail. You may have previously heard of the Triada Family Trojans uncovered in 2016, well to spite thinking they’d been destroyed or removed they reared their ugly heads again in 2017. That is correct Triada morphed and opened the backdoor for spam and data collection.

Out the backdoor and away from Disaster

Google is working towards protecting humanity, in a rollout for Google Maps to assist in a time of need. During a natural disaster a visual aid will help you navigate around earthquakes, floods and tornadoes, they are aiming to be proactive by even providing a warning if you are near the predicted trajectory of the storm. You can help too; there will be an option to report these acts of god, while your friends and family on the other side of the world will be able to search storms.