When To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S5

Last month the Samsung Galaxy S5 was officially launched at the opening of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and will be available on April 11th.

Samsung’s latest smartphone is priced at a high level around USD 888 for the plastic version, while the exclusive metal version will start around USD 1092. So the question remains, when will it make the most sense to buy this phone at the right price?

Christian Schiller, co-founder of the price comparison website PricePanda , commented on the recent launch: “From the price development of the former Galaxy smartphones we have observed on our website, we believe that major price falls for the S5 will take place shortly. For those who consider buying the S5, we recommend to wait until May, as the phone should be about 24% cheaper than it is today.”

We analyzed the price evolution of the previous models on www.pricepanda.co.id . These developments can be seen in the chart below:

The price developments of the Samsung Galaxy phone range all follow a similar pattern. The price decline in the first quarter after the release is particularly interesting. This trend is more evident with each new Galaxy generation. Three months after their launches the previous Galaxy models were offered for a significant lower price by online shops on on PricePanda: the S2 was 13% and the S3 14% cheaper. Prices for the S4 show a significant drop of 18%. Similar developments could bring down the price for a new Samsung Galaxy around 24% only twelve weeks from now.

The popularity of the older Galaxy smartphones with record sales of up to 50 million creates high expectations for the new S5. In 2011, Samsung took over the leading position on the smartphone market with 32% market share from Apple which covers 21%. With its vision in the smartphone market and the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 Apple kept the lead for a long time. Since Samsung passed Apple it has built up a great prominence to its competitor, which it steadily develops with each new Galaxy phone generation. In years to come, the smartphone market will no longer be all about Apple, but more and more about the South-Korean Samsung phones.