‘Who Is Hussain’ Campaign Is Back For 2013

“1.5 people around the world know about Hussain. Do you?” This is the question asked by the organisers of the Who is Hussain campaign, which first began it’s awareness campaign late last year.

The campaign started last year as an initiative that aimed to shed light on the life of Hussain ibn Ali, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. It had no religious, political, or monetary leanings; the sole aim was to promote the message of Hussain and the principles for which he gave his life. November 2012 saw Who is Hussain campaign posters at 25 different London Underground Stations, as well as 60 London Buses in Westminster. The campaign received much attention – most notably from the BBC – for it’s charitable efforts and virality.

The Who is Hussain campaign is back this year and this time the original organizers, a London-based group that wishes to remain anonymous, are joined by over 40 representatives from 13 cities, covering all corners of the globe. The group’s efforts are funded entirely by donations.

The organizers state that their vision is to see a world inspired by the personality of Hussain: his morals, his actions and moreover his compassion for those around him.
’ Hussain was a political and spiritual leader who stood against the oppression of 7th Century rulers during a bloodthirsty scramble for power following Muhammad’s death. He was killed fighting for his beliefs.

Central to the campaign is the idea that the life of Hussain has contemporary relevance to modern society, posters on the London Underground as well as around the world will show the name of Hussain highlighted next to names of other monumental historical figures, including Marting Luther King, Isaac Newton, Mahatma Gandhi and also names like Oskar Schindler.

This year’s campaign features a brand new website with a new campaign design. To raise awareness the organizers plan to distribute over 15,000 bottles of water each carrying a message, more than 50,000 information-packed greeting cards, about 250 billboards and posters in key cities across the world, 17 blood donation drives in various cities, and 3 charity events where over 1,000 homeless people will be fed and provided with clothing and blankets.

The campaign has gone viral within hours of launching and has since gained a large presence on social media.