Why Apple iOS Remains the Best

It’s been a subject worthy of an argument among friends for many years, which is the better OS for smartphones. While the fight continues, we decided to get detail about what these platforms have to offer and how they compare directly to each other.

It’s important to mention that we’re not comparing devices here, but rather the actual operating system (OS) of Android and iOS. First things first, most think Android is better because everyone uses it and everyone who doesn’t have an Apple has an Android phone. Well, think about this clearly, and you might see it from a different perspective.

How many different companies use Android software, all of them right? How many cheap Chinese mobile companies use Android, again, all of them right? How many of the Chinese companies related to data theft use Android? I’m sure you get the point we’re trying to make.

Sure, it’s amazing how well Android is doing, and yes, they have some great services and a huge range of apps, but they also come with more risk, which is why we would like to point out why the Apple fans prefer to stick to Apple and now move over the Android.

The Quality of Apps

The argument among friends usually stops when apps are mentioned, stating that the apps are the same and that Android simply has more. Sure, they do, but how many of them are the same with a different theme? On top of that, what’s the security level on those apps? How private are they? Who developed them?

When it comes down to it, Apple has much higher standards for their app store, and developers have to meet the standard they put out. Therefore, developing apps for Android is a lot easier and the reason most developers choose Android. Sure, it’s a bigger market, but not by much. Besides, why not create an app for both platforms if you’re quality meets that of Apple and you don’t have anything to hide?


Some think it’s impossible to create viruses for iOS, but it’s actually not. However, it’s far from easy, especially with the Apple development team testing each and every app for things they don’t want. On top of that, Apple has some really strict rules and procedures for those who dare take the chance of creating a virus on iOS.

On Android, it’s not quite as hard, and it happens all the time, which is why you need anti-virus and all types of special software just to protect you details.

Yes, Apple doesn’t allow you to put in memory cards, but that’s simply additional protections to avoid getting software on the device that might hard your phone and that of other Apple devices. Those are all reasons Apple have the annoying features that doesn’t let you do the transfers via Bluetooth and all, which is all geared toward keeping the iOS platform free of the software that’s ruined other brilliant operating systems.