Why Choose Apple’s iOS Above Android

Choosing a new phone can be quite the challenge, especially when considering top brands such as Samsung and Apple.  The one has Android, which just about everyone uses while the other comes with iOS software, which you might have heard great things about, but you don’t know much about it.

The Android phones certainly come with many more features, and you get to customise the phone in just about whatever way you want. Not only can you move apps to different pages, but you can add widgets and all kinds of special things to make it your own. With iOS, you’re a little more limited, as you can basically move the apps around, create folders. There are widgets, but they are only available in the widget bar that slides over from the left when you’re on the homepage.

So, why would you choose the limited iOS instead of the freedom that lets you do what you want and gain access to more apps along with the same features as the Apple device? Well, there’s quite a lot actually, and it comes down to the software. If you’re someone who is even a little concerned about your online safety and the information your phone holds you might want to look at Apple as a much safer option and here why:

The App Developers

No doubt about it, there are millions of apps that are absolutely brilliant and offer the features that really make the phone worth your while. Most of these apps are available on both platforms and provide the same benefits, just look at Facebook and other major apps and games.

Well, these are great, but did you know developers can easily program a virus into Android apps and get away with it quite easily? Sure, they’ll need to get you to download it first and allow access and all that, but there’s a reason you need to have anti-virus on your Android phone.

On iOS, anti-virus is more of an optional matter and not really something you have to do. This is because the standard of iOS apps is so much higher, and Apple has full control over what’s available in the app store. Therefore, developers need to meet their standards and Apple can be quite picky when it comes to features within the app that they don’t really want.

Transferring Files

This is one of the biggest reasons people choose Android over Apple. They can transfer files via Bluetooth, use memory cards and much more while Apple simply says no. You can’t even send someone a song or save it when someone sends it to you.

This is another way for Apple to keep the level of security as high as it is with their devices. They limit this to avoid any possible viruses to go onto the phone, not that viruses can be written for Apple, but still. Therefore, with an Apple device, all you need to do is ensure you do not click on some silly links in emails and simply allow Apple to take care of the rest.