Write For Us

Ad Geek Daily is looking for freelance writers to join our team.

We are always on the lookout for talented writers and fresh ideas. The ideal candidate is a self-starter with the discipline to work remotely, possessing excellent writing skills, and a passion for all things related to media, advertising and marketing.


1. Guest Writers. At Ad Geek Daily, we accept guest posts from members of the blogging community. Guest bloggers write to share their views, expertise and experience. Once published on Ad Geek Daily, guest writers are more than welcome to republish their content elsewhere provided they link back to our site. Bloggers may share posts that have already been published on their own blogs and we will link back to them.

2. Article Contributors. We also feature regular paid authors. These authors can apply to be either full- or part-time members of the Ad Geek Daily team and must provide original content that has not been published previously. Once published on Ad Geek Daily, the articles may not be republished elsewhere.

If you’re interested in doing either type of writing for us, please contact us at editor@adgeekdaily.com with writing samples, links to your work or simply to discuss ideas for articles.

If you are associated with a company, please send your press release directly to editor@adgeekdaily.com.