Yahoo Launches High Res Image Ads

This week Yahoo introduced a new high-resolution, full-page ad format for desktops, mobile phones and tablets. These Image Ads give advertisers the opportunity to leverage HD images in photo slideshows and image-rich environments for multiple entertainment-focused properties, including Yahoo Sports, omg!, Yahoo Music, and Yahoo TV.

According to a Yahoo blog post:

This creates a more natural ad experience for our users that they are even more receptive to, leading to higher impact for advertisers. These new ads deliver high-quality brand images that are as engaging as the surrounding content, bringing the beautiful full-page ads you might expect from a favorite magazine to the digital world.

The Image Ads will be sold on a pay-per-click basis, according to MediaPost. Yahoo suggested it could deliver high conversion rates by matching the right ad to the right user across its network.

This move aims to boost Yahoo’s declining display ad business. The company’s display ad revenue has fallen 7% from a year ago despite the fact that US display advertising overall was up 9% in the first half of 2013, according to Interactive Advertising Bureau data. Yahoo also trails behind Google and Facebook, who account for 17.6% and 15.5% of  US display ad dollars, respectively, while Yahoo’s business accounts for 7.7%, according to eMarketer.

Yahoo says FIAT, Sony and Relativity Media already have started using the new HD image ads.